Ricky Valance news and gossip

2010 marked Ricky's 50th year in show biz and he is very much in demand for singing engagements, TV and Radio interviews and even movie and TV work.

2015 will see him make a more permanent return to the UK to be with family, friends and perform around the UK and Ireland.

He's also recently recorded a 30-minute radio spot for BBC Wales.

Ricky made a return to acting in a short competition movie called 'The Mob' which was a semi-finalist and has opened up a few more doors in the acting world.

A well know British magazine shall also be visiting Spain to capture Ricky and his wife and catch up on his life here in sunny Spain.

He's also considering offers on his autobiography and thinking about a TV Mini-series of film about his life.

Even in his seventies, Ricky is still very much in demand.

If you'd like to
contact Ricky, he's very accessible and would love to hear from you.

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